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If you change the data type to DECIMAL like this: DECLARE @d1 DECIMAL (2,1) = 0.1 DECLARE @d2 DECIMAL (2,1) = 0.2 SELECT CASE WHEN @d1 + @d2 = 0.3 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END The result will be correct. Using an inequality operator is. /// The Precision class allows us to decorate our Entity Models with a Precision attribute /// to specify decimal precision values for the database column /// </ summary > [AttributeUsage (AttributeTargets. Property, AllowMultiple = false)] public class Precision: Attribute {/// < summary > /// The total number of digits to store, including. CSharpNewb If anyone can help me see what I'm missing in terms of bringing over a stored proc, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm running VS2013 Community, EF6, Firebird 2.5, Installed Firebird DDEX, Entity Framework, and verified I can see the contents of tables. Decimal precision and scale in EF Code First. Collected from the Internet. Please contact [email protected] to delete if infringement. edited at 2020-10-23. c# entity-framework linq. 0. ... Entity Framework 6 decimal precision. Entity Framework Database First Decimal Precision.
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